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At Air-to-Air Flight Sims, we offer an exceptionally authentic general aviation simulation experience that closely mirrors the real thing. Utilizing a full-motion flight seat, you'll not only sense the roll and pitch of take-offs and landings, but also enjoy the immersive effect of our 180-degree cockpit views and the advanced G1000 instrument suite.


Flying a circuit

 The steps to flying a circuit:

  • Receive clearance from ATC to takeoff and perform your pre-takeoff checks.

  • Take off and begin climbing to circuit height.

  • Turn to the crosswind leg of the traffic pattern.

  • Turn onto the downwind leg and continue to next leg.

  • Turn onto the base leg.

  • Turn onto final approach, extending your flaps and adjusting your speed as necessary.

  • Maintain a constant descent angle and aim for the touchdown point on the runway that will allow you to land safely. Flare the aircraft when you are about 10 feet above the ground.

  • Apply the brakes as necessary to slow down and exit the runway at the first available taxiway.

Terms and conditions

Please notify us of changes as early as possible. If you miss your experience it is not refundable.
Prices displayed on our website will be correct and will be the valid prices at the time of purchasing. Prices advertised in leaflets and websites may differ to prices on our website. reserves the right to run special offers and discounts from time to time.
All participants take part at their own risk. Please inform us of any conditions or medical issues that you feel may be relevant.
Note: VR may not be suitable for all especially those prone to motion sickness,.
Motion sickness – People who generally aren’t susceptible to motion sickness in cars and boats will be fine in our simulators and experiences however please bear this in mind when booking as no refunds can be offered. Please consult your doctor before using the product if you have any queries.
Children under 16 years MUST be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their behaviour, and is required to remain for the duration
The recommended height / age is 12 years


To book a flight or for more details please Email

Or call 07393 749 396

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